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Vice President USIP visits CCPS

Thursday, December 01, 2022

Andrew Wilder, Vice President of Asia Programs from the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) visited the Centre for Critical Peace Studies (CCPS). Upon his visit, he was hailed by Dr. Fatima Sajjad, Director CCPS, and Ms. Tehreem Saeed, Senior Officer. Director CCPS gave a detailed presentation about the Centre’s agenda and performance. Also, the briefing about the USIP project was a part of the discussion. Dr. Wilder appreciated the initiatives of the center taken for Decolonial Research and the promotion of critical consciousness to counter violent extremism on University campuses. The purpose of this meeting was to enlighten the part CCPS has been playing in the field of research and countering extremism and to deliberate on future collaborations between USIP and CCPS. Following, Dr Wilder also had a cerebral meeting with Rector UMT. In which they discussed how the students of Pakistan could be benefited by the research based initiatives taken by USIP. 

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