About Us

Centre for Critical Peace Studies at UMT is a trans- disciplinary research and advocacy forum for peace scholars from around the world, especially for scholars of the Global South ( South Asia, South East Asia , Latin America, Middle East and Africa). In line with the spirit of Peace Studies, the Centre is open for all interested scholars from multiple domains and disciplines. It welcomes diverse perspectives, theoretical and methodological approaches with a focus on making a real impact on ground.

The Centre aims to build an active international scholarly community that examines the problems of peace and justice from the perspective of the Global South. It aims to build stronger South-South connections and make space for the Southern perspective in International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, Security and Strategic Studies. The Centre will also serve as a forum for dialogue between North-South that focuses on issues of epistemic violence and epistemic injustice.

Why Critical Peace Studies

The mission of the Centre for Critical Peace Studies is ‘immanent critique’, that is ‘critique with the intent of reform of a real world situation’. Drawing on the De-colonial / Post- colonial perspectives, one particular real world situation that the Centre seeks to improve, is North-centrism (Euro/ US centrism) of Peace Studies. By centering the problems of the South and by amplifying the voices of Southern scholars, the Centre aims to undo epistemic hegemony of the West in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies / Security Studies and International Relations. It is hence named the Centre for Critical Peace Studies.  

Focus Areas of the Center

 Indigenous policy relevant, applied research on issues of peace and justice with special focus on;

  • Higher Education in the Global South / the Muslim world
  • Social Sciences Vision for Pakistan
  • Intractable conflicts of Palestine and Kashmir
  • Countering/ preventing violent extremism
  • Critical Peace Education
  • Decoloniality and South-South Connectivity
  • Epistemic Violence, epistemic injustice
  • Human security and social cohesion
  • Intra/Inter-Civilizational Dialogue

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