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Political Science Convention

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Pakistan Political Scientists’ Convention - Celebrating Women’s Leadership in Political Science**

Organizers:Centre for Critical Peace Studies (CCPS), Department of Political Science and International Relations and YOP

Venue: UMT


The Pakistan Political Scientists’ Convention, organized collaboratively by CCPS, the Department of Political Science and International Relations, and YOP, was a significant gathering celebrating and highlighting the pivotal role of women in shaping the landscape of Political Science. The event aimed to shed light on women's leadership in the field and offered insights into career opportunities for students pursuing studies in Political Science and International Relations.

Distinguished Speakers:
1. Dr. Fatima Sajjad, Director, Centre for Critical Peace Studies (CCPS)
2. Dr. Rehana Saeed Hashmi
3. Dr. Shabana Fayyaz
4. Dr. Fouzia Ghani
5. Dr. Shakila Sandhu
6. Dr. Zainab Ahmed
7. Dr. Ayesha Safdar

Discussion Topics:

The convention provided a platform for the invited speakers to share their profound insights on the role of women in Political Science. They delved into discussions about the contributions of women scholars in the field, their impact on shaping political discourse, and the potential career pathways available for students aspiring to venture into Political Science and International Relations.

Key Highlights:

- Dr. Fatima Sajjad led discussions on the importance of women's perspectives in shaping political theories and policy frameworks.
- Various speakers, including Dr. Rehana Saeed Hashmi, Dr. Shabana Fayyaz, Dr. Fouzia Ghani, Dr. Shakila Sandhu, Dr. Zainab Ahmed, and Dr. Ayesha Safdar, provided multifaceted insights into different aspects of women's roles and achievements in Political Science.
- The convention emphasized the need for gender-inclusive academic environments and highlighted the significance of mentorship for aspiring female students in Political Science and International Relations.

Special Guest Speaker:
Mr. Shehzada Sultan, Police Service of Pakistan (PSP), graced the event as the chief guest. He shared invaluable insights into the role of the police in social welfare and emphasized internship opportunities within the police department for young individuals, broadening the horizons for career exploration.

The convention successfully illuminated the indispensable contributions of women in Political Science, inspiring students and attendees to explore diverse career avenues within the field. Moreover, Mr. Shehzada Sultan's perspectives provided a broader understanding of the intersection of governance and societal welfare through the lens of the police department.

Closing Remarks:
The organizers expressed their gratitude to the esteemed speakers, attendees, and the chief guest for their valuable contributions and insights. They reiterated the commitment to continue fostering such platforms to empower women in academia and to guide aspiring students towards promising careers in Political Science and International Relations.

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