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Friday, December 08, 2023

Event Report: Launch of New Book on Maritime Security of Pakistan


-Dr Fatima Sajjad, Director CCPS and Chairprson DPSIR
- Mr. Khalid Rahman, Chairman, Institute of Policy Studies Islamabad
- Vice Admiral Iftikhar Ahmad Rao, Maritime Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, Pakistan Navy
- Participants from Pakistan Navy/Naval War College
- Dr. Maliha, NUML Islamabad
- UMT Faculty, Students, and Staff

Purpose of the Event:
The University of Management and Technology was honored to host esteemed personalities and participants from significant institutions for the launch of a groundbreaking book on "Maritime Security of Pakistan."

The event commenced with welcoming remarks , expressing gratitude to Mr. Khalid Rahman, Vice Admiral Iftikhar Ahmad Rao, Dr. Maliha, and the participants from Pakistan Navy/Naval War College for gracing the occasion.

Key Discussions:
- Mr. Khalid Rahman emphasized the critical role of policy studies in shaping maritime security strategies, shedding light on the book's significance.
- Vice Admiral Iftikhar Ahmad Rao shared invaluable insights from his experience as the Maritime Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, highlighting the evolving challenges and strategies in Pakistan's maritime domain.
- Dr. Maliha provided academic perspectives, stressing the importance of bridging theory and practical expertise in understanding maritime security.

Collaborative Prospects:
The University expressed enthusiasm for fostering ongoing collaboration with the Institute of Policy Studies and Pakistan Navy/Naval War College. This collaboration aims to provide UMT students with unparalleled opportunities to gain practical insights and deepen their theoretical understanding of maritime security.

The launch event successfully provided firsthand knowledge from seasoned practitioners to enrich the students' academic learning and contribute to their comprehensive understanding of security in the maritime domain.

Closing Remarks:
In closing, Dr. Fatima Sajjad expressed gratitude to all attendees, extending an open invitation for continued collaboration and knowledge exchange between UMT, IPS, and Pakistan Navy/Naval War College.

The University and CCPS look forward to future engagements that will further enrich the educational experience of its students and contribute significantly to the realm of maritime security in Pakistan.

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